Woman outdoors against white background performing Cossack squat with right leg bent and left leg extended hands down

I did 90 Cossack squats every single day for every week — right here’s what occurred to my legs and hips

The Cossack squat — a deeper variation of the aspect lunge or lateral lunge — is a quad-burning lower-body body weight train. It strengthens your quads, outer glutes (gluteus medius), hamstrings, adductors (interior thighs), core, and decrease again muscle groups. 

The train additionally kinds a part of mobility coaching and CrossFit routines to assist enhance decrease physique flexibility and mobility within the ankles, knees and hips. In yoga, the transfer is healthier generally known as Skandasana — half squat pose — and presents deep hip opening advantages whereas stretching the interior legs and groins of yogis all over the place.

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